Tips for planning the perfect honeymoon

Honeymoons are big business. According to a recent Conde Nast Bridal Infobank survey, the average couple spends more than $5,000 on their honeymoon, indicating just how much meaning couples assign to their first official trip as newlyweds.


If the average spending on honeymoons seems high, it’s important for couples working on budgets to realize that there are plenty of ways to plan memorable getaways without breaking the bank. Couples can keep the following strategies in mind as they plan their honeymoons.


• Plan and book early. In its 2016 Real Weddings Study, online wedding resource The Knot found that the average engagement length was 15 months. That gives couples plenty of time to plan their weddings, but also a great chance to book their honeymoons well in advance of their wedding days. Fifteen months affords couples the chance to piece together the perfect honeymoon on their own or shop around for package deals.
• Delay the honeymoon. Couples without much wiggle room in their budgets or those who simply want to save money can delay their honeymoons, choosing to take their getaways months after they tie the knot. This provides couples with more traveling flexibility. And depending on when couples get married, delaying the honeymoon may push the trip into the vacationing off-season, when more affordable deals can often be found.
• Don’t shy away from your newlywed status. Resorts might not advertise it, but many offer special amenities to honeymooning newlyweds. Some may provide complementary spa services, while others might offer free room upgrades if they have any vacancies. Such amenities may be grand or small, but no matter their size, they can make honeymoons feel more special.
• Give ample consideration to all-inclusive honeymoon packages. Whether couples are working on tight budgets or planning their honeymoons without regard to cost, all-inclusive packages may be worth the extra money upfront. All-inclusive packages tend to include meals, some beverages and fun activities that couples would otherwise have to pay for á la carte. All-inclusive packages may also remove some of the work of planning the honeymoon because couples won’t need to tirelessly research activities and find the most affordable local vendors. Couples can examine the nuts and bolts of all-inclusive packages to make sure they include activities and foods they’re likely to enjoy.


Planning a honeymoon takes work, but much of that work is fun, and couples who do their due diligence can save substantial amounts of money.


– Metro Creative Graphics