Employ helping hands during wedding planning

Accepting the honour of being in a friend or family member’s wedding means more than dressing in the fancy clothing and showing up on the designated date.


The wedding party — particularly the bridesmaids and groomsmen — should understand that standing alongside the happy couple generally means doing some work during the planning period as well as on the big day. It’s the wise wedding couple who can recognize the strengths of their family and friends and put those attributes to work in productive ways.


According to The Knot.com, the average wedding party includes four people on each side. That means eight extra people who can lend their eyes, ears and hands to the bounty of tasks that comprise the wedding planning to-do list. Here’s how to delegate with flair.


  • Ask and ye shall receive. First off, it is never safe to assume that the wedding party will be taking on extra work. Even if tradition suggests wedding party members lend a hand, it’s in the best interest of the couple to graciously ask for help. This helps establish good will at the start.
  • Be specific when assigning tasks. Rather than just asking for generalized help, make a list of the tasks that seem the most challenging and then delegate accordingly. If a member of the bridal party is excellent at getting travel deals, have him or her help arrange the honeymoon. Someone with an intimate knowledge of cuisine can come along to food tastings and help plan the reception menu.
  • Friends with a flair for organization can be in charge of disseminating information to the entire wedding party or keeping a running list of gifts given at various parties so thank-you notes can be sent.
  • Make wardrobe suggestions. Couples can rely on their most honest bridal party members when picking out wedding attire. These no-holds-barred individuals can set them straight on fit, look and comfort. Trust these people in helping to make the entire wedding party look stylish and feel confident.
  • Extend the host/hostess duties. It can be tiring for couples to tend to the needs of all their wedding guests. Couples can enlist the help of their wedding party to ensure that elderly or disabled guests get the assistance they need. The wedding party can also step up to serve as stand-in dance partners or to help grab drinks or escort people as needed.
  • Get the party started. Couples can usually count on their wedding parties to help fill the dance floor at the wedding reception — even when others have not yet built up the courage to showcase their dancing skills. Those bold and loveable friends and family members will help keep the energy up and make the wedding a blast.


Planning and hosting a wedding is a large undertaking. With the help of the wedding party, it can be that much more enjoyable.


– Metro Creative Graphics